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Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time C: July 3, 2022

Luke 10: 1-12, 17-20

Fr. John tran

There is an urgency in Jesus plea for laborers of the harvest that we cannot help but notice. Why? Can you imagine the urgency Jesus felt at this moment in his life? Last Sunday we heard in the gospel that Jesus time to go up to Jerusalem to live out his passion, death, and resurrection had come. It was time to cut loose his disciples to proclaim his good news on their own; and he had too few of them. Urgent, insistent need for those in darkness to receive the light was great. It is more demanding because Jesus does not hide the fact that the way of the disciple is a difficult one, like being sent like lambs among the wolves.

And yet today, as you and I worship on Sunday together, we hear that distant call of Jesus in our ears. You and I are both disciples called to bring the good news to those who live in darkness. There are too few of us, and we are indeed sent like lambs among wolves, just as Jesus said. We go confidently because we know that Jesus is with us every step. We take care to go in confidence, not arrogance. This confidence means trusting in someone else, while arrogance means trusting only in ourselves. And trust in Jesus we do.

Think now of the world we live in. Is it so different from the world Jesus lived in? There are so many people around us who forget that God is their good, that God comes into our world and their lives to bring not only news, but good news. This they have forgotten, many don’t even think about God at all. They are alone in an inhuman loneliness. The believer, even the weak believer, is never alone because of the relationship God has with him or her. So, do we believe that the good news is worthless to the unbeliever who is so alone? Of course not; but this then calls forth something from each of us. It calls for us to speak loudly the name of God to those living in such desperation. It calls us to act in the same way that the 72 disciples acted at Jesus invitation, even his command. We speak not only in words, but especially in action.

The life of a disciple is not easy and predictable. It is not comfortable; but it is rich in Jesus presence and his love. It is up to us as a parish to discover how each of us, and all of us, can answer Jesus call to discipleship, here and now, today. Working together, with Jesus in our midst, we can carry his hope for the world.

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